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Chemical resistance

The ability of materials to resist the effects of chemicals is called chemical resistance. Corrosion resistance, resistance to aggressive media, resistance to pressure and wear are the primary challenges.

No matter whether they are dosing units, plungers for high-pressure pumps, nozzles, slide rings or slide bearings, sliders, valve needles or valve seats, pistons, cylinders or pressure packages – many of the components used in pumps come into contact with hot, highly abrasive, chemically aggressive or viscous media and must be able to withstand pressures of several thousand bar.

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Sample Solutions


Spacers are elements or components that hold parts in a defined position. They are used whenever a defined clearance must be created between two components or in situations where a distance must be bridged.

Headed dowels

Headed dowels are used to hold and determine the position of tools and fixtures. The advantage is that it enables punctiform placement of a workpiece. The punctiform support is easy to clean and excludes the possibility of contamination caused by…

Locating pin

During the manufacturing process for all types of products, there is a need to pick up and align parts or components. Since DOCERAM locating pins are ceramic parts made from Cerazur, they are wear-resistant, electrically insulating and do not suffer…

Coated components

Components with a wide variety of coatings are characterised by different properties depending on the type and material of the coating. Many coatings are used to achieve an extended service life as well as improved chemical resistance of the…

Spacer sleeves

Spacer sleeves made from high-performance ceramics are used whenever a defined clearance must be created between two components or in situations where a distance must be bridged.

Dosing components

The dosing systems used in the field of dosing technology are being continuously optimized and advanced.

Flow measurement

One of the most important variables in industrial measurement technology alongside temperature, pressure and force is flow measurement, which is one of the fundamentals of process automation.

Slide rings

Slide rings and mating rings are the two main components of a slide-ring seal. The slide ring and mating ring are in constant contact. However, they do not touch one another but slide over each other.

Sensor protection

Examples of sensor protection include wear caps, wear disks or wear plates, which are used to protect the sensor behind.

Valve needle/seat

The function of valves is to control or block the flow of liquids or gases. There are various types that differ depending on their application, design and mode of activation.

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