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The function of valves is to control or block the flow of liquids or gases. There are various types that differ depending on their application, design and mode of activation.

Needle valves in which the valve piston is needle-shaped enable very sensitive flow adjustment by means of longitudinal movement of the valve piston relative to the seal seat.

In particular, the flow of corrosive or abrasive fluids places extreme demands on the materials used. The use of valve pistons or seal seats made from high-performance ceramics, such as our Cerazur material, can extend service lives and make processes more efficient as a result.

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Compatible Materials


When used in technical applications, Cerazur offers enormous potential for designing procedures and processes that are more stable, durable and ultimately more reliable.

Zirconium oxide

Zirconium oxide is an inorganic non-metal material that belongs to the group of oxide ceramics.