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Examples of sensor protection include wear caps, wear disks or wear plates, which are used to protect the sensor behind. The sensor must be as close as possible to the component, surface or liquid to be checked to guarantee an accurate measurement result. At the same time, a medium that is flowing past or continuous contact with the surface to be checked can cause premature wear of the sensor protection.

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Solutions - Sensor protection

The sensor protection must not impair the sensor's ability to take measurements but must preserve the service life of the sensor.

Ceramic materials are resistant to abrasive wear, impact-resistant yet extremely hard and inductively neutral. This means that the sensor protection can be extremely thin but still offer lasting protection against wear.

The material used is typically made from impact-resistant zirconium oxide, such as Doceram Cerazur.

Examples of sensors that require protection are the sensors used to check the inner walls of oil and natural gas pipelines.

Compatible Materials


When used in technical applications, Cerazur offers enormous potential for designing procedures and processes that are more stable, durable and ultimately more reliable.

Zirconium oxide

Zirconium oxide is an inorganic non-metal material that belongs to the group of oxide ceramics.