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One of the most important variables in industrial measurement technology alongside temperature, pressure and force is flow measurement, which is one of the fundamentals of process automation.


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Solutions - Flow measurement

In total, there are 7 different flow measurement methods that are used for measuring and automating industrial processes (FCI).

In addition to acoustic, gyroscopic or magnetic-inductive methods, there are also optical, mechanical-volumetric and thermal methods.

The media to be measured are often exhaust air, flue gases, combustion air or natural gas, pure or contaminated media, inert or aggressive.

Therefore, both chemical resistance or temperature resistance is very important, which is why the DOCERAM high-performance ceramics aluminium oxide or A 132 are preferably used in flow measurement.

Compatible Materials

Zirconium oxide

Zirconium oxide is an inorganic non-metal material that belongs to the group of oxide ceramics.


Volcera is characterised by a range of properties that make it a very interesting choice for industrial applications.


ZrO2-MgO is a high-performance ceramic made of zirconium oxide partially stabilised with magnesium oxide. Our newly developed DOCERAM ZM-131 extends our material portfolio in the field of zirconium oxide ceramic materials.