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Here, you will find a selection of applications for which we have optimized and developed components for our customers in recent years.

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Our cross-sectoral know-how and knowledge of engineering plastics and ceramics enables us to develop system solutions that are actively aimed at future standards.

Increasingly exacting production techniques are driving ever-higher quality requirements for intermediary materials and end products. Since every minute of manufacturing time is precious, the focus is on higher-quality and longer-lasting components. At the MOESCHTER Group, there are teams of technicians and engineers who are very familiar with the process technologies and applications in particular industries.

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Insulation technology

Electrical insulation

Virtually all machines and plants contain electrical switching circuits that are used for movement, positioning or operation. To ensure that the currents and voltages do not result in flashovers or pose a danger to persons in the vicinity, electrical insulators must be installed.

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Forming technology


Handling refers to the general management or transportation of parts and components in production processes – between the respective production steps. This includes, for example, positioning, aligning, gripping and holding components.

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Wear-protection technology


Movements in a process result in signs of wear. These manifest themselves in the form of abrasion. When it comes to extending maintenance intervals, it is helpful to examine the tribological properties of the rubbing pairs.

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Insulation technology

Thermal insulation

Insulation is used wherever the manufacturing process requires or generates process heat.

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Handling technology


A very wide range of material requirements apply when it comes to conveying components and products. For example, it is sometimes necessary to transport heavy or heated components that may also have sharp or abrasive edges.

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Our materials

The MOESCHTER Group was founded as a technology company dedicated to manufacturing user-friendly products from high-performance materials. More than two decades later, it has developed a material portfolio that covers a wide range of requirements for diverse industrial application areas.


Our solutions

We demonstrably reduce machine downtimes across a range of production processes through practical component design and by providing technical advice during the process.