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Aluminium oxide has firmly established itself as a technical ceramic. This development is driven by the increasing miniaturisation of components, which calls for a material with modifiable property and machining profiles. The property profile of aluminium oxide gives it multifunctional applications. Consequently, aluminium oxide is very hard, extremely resistant to wear and corrosion.

Aluminium oxide is the oxygen compound of the element aluminium. The raw material for this substance is the aluminium ore bauxite. Caustic soda lye is used to split this ore into aluminium hydroxide. Calcination and complex grinding processes are used to create high-quality, high-purity AI2O3.

The aluminium oxide used in our products offers excellent corrosion resistance and high dielectric strength, which explains its frequent use as an insulator.

Aluminium oxide is also extremely hard and highly resistant to abrasion and wear. In comparison with other ceramics, this material is an excellent heat conductor.

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Overview of materials for high-performance ceramics

DOCERAM Bezeichnung
UnitA-132A-141Z-141CerazurVolcera 141EvoCera
grau, schwarz
grey, black
Flexural Strength
Compressive Strength
Modulus of Elasticity
Fracture Toughness
Weibull Modul
Weibull Modulus
Vickers Härte
Vickers Hardness
(HV 0.5)200020001300115016501047
Thermal Expansion Coefficient
(10 -6K-1)5.5-8.45.5-8.410103.411.1
Thermal Conductivity
Temp. Wechselbeständigkeit
Thermal-Shock Resistance
Maximale Einsatztemperatur
Maximum Operating Temperature
Spez. Widerstand bei 20°C
Volume Resistivity at 20°C
(Ω cm)> 1017> 1015> 1010> 1010> 1011-
Dielectric Strength

The values listed were determined on standard test specimens. The material properties may deviate from these values depending on the applications and component geometry. Please contact us for precise clarification of the material suitability. Other technical data on request. Subject to technical modifications and errors. 2014 edition.

Sample Solutions

Solutions - CAD portal

CAD portal

Our components from high-performance ceramics can also be configured on-line. All product variants are stored in our CAD portal - you can make adjustments quickly and easily by entering the parameters for your welding process.

Solutions - Slide rings

Slide rings

Slide rings and mating rings are the two main components of a slide-ring seal. The slide ring and mating ring are in constant contact. However, they do not touch one another but slide over each other.

Solutions - Bobbin cores

Bobbin cores

Bobbin cores are usually round parts with a large groove into which a copper coil is wound. This coil induces a magnetic field in the centre of the coil.

Solutions - Vacuum-tight components

Vacuum-tight components

Many technical processes such as semiconductor fabrication, medical technology or material testing are conducted in a vacuum.

Solutions - Dosing components

Dosing components

The dosing systems used in the field of dosing technology are being continuously optimized and advanced.

Solutions - Flow measurement

Flow measurement

One of the most important variables in industrial measurement technology alongside temperature, pressure and force is flow measurement, which is one of the fundamentals of process automation.

Solutions - Punching stamps

Punching stamps

Punching stamps must repeatedly punch a contour in a predetermined geometry into a sheet.

Solutions - Goods carriers

Goods carriers

Goods carriers are used to hold other products, such as circuit boards. In many cases, they must be electrically insulating, wear-resistant and designed to cope with thermal shock to enable smooth handling.

Solutions - Heat insulation board

Heat insulation board

DOTHERM and ISOCOS offer heat protection plates that are precisely adapted to the respective process requirements in terms of material, compression strength, temperature resistance and dimensional stability.

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