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Corrosion describes a reaction of a material with its environment, which brings about a measurable change in this material and can therefore lead to corrosion damage. The term was originally only applied to metals but is now applied in general to all materials - including polymers, glass and ceramics.

In aggressive media, such as acids and lyes, the use of stainless steel is often not sufficient to prevent corrosion damage.

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Sample Solutions

Flow measurement

One of the most important variables in industrial measurement technology alongside temperature, pressure and force is flow measurement, which is one of the fundamentals of process automation.

Slide rings

Slide rings and mating rings are the two main components of a slide-ring seal. The slide ring and mating ring are in constant contact. However, they do not touch one another but slide over each other.

Slide rails

If metallic materials are used for guides or rails, wear due to friction is unavoidable. Slide rails made of DOTHERM materials offer the benefits of excellent friction and sliding properties, high wear resistance and thermal stability.