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If metallic materials are used for guides or rails, wear due to friction is unavoidable. Slide rails made of DOTHERM materials offer the benefits of excellent friction and sliding properties, high wear resistance and thermal stability.

Slide rails and chain guides made from our special DOGLIDE sliding materials are particularly suitable for use in high-temperature applications. These materials can be used at temperatures of up to 600 °C. The large number of possibilities enables us to design of the material to conform as closely as possible to the requirements of your application.

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Compatible Materials


DOGLIDE is the name of our material series under which we group our sliding and wearing materials for industrial applications.


The operating temperatures of ELTIMID range from -250 °C all the way to 280 °C and even short-term peaks of 400 °C. Thanks to its high wear resistance, the material is suitable for oil-free applications and offers a long service life.