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Avoiding unscheduled machine downtime

The primary cause of machine downtime is the unexpected failure of specific components of a production plant. Machine downtime or machine failure causes high costs firstly due to the urgent need for spare parts and secondly due to “non-productivity”.

Reliable machine components that achieve long service lives and/or enable reliable servicing planning reduce the risk of machine downtimes and guarantee a balanced costs structure between new equipment purchases and service life.

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Sample Solutions

Gas nozzles

Ceramic gas nozzles made from silicon nitride are characterised by exceptionally long service lives. In certain applications, the ceramic actually prevents the adhesion of weld spatter.

Gripper fingers

Gripper fingers have component-specific contours at their ends that enable them to pick up, grip, transport or guide components. They are used primarily in electronics manufacturing.

Vacuum-tight components

Many technical processes such as semiconductor fabrication, medical technology or material testing are conducted in a vacuum.

Valve needle/seat

The function of valves is to control or block the flow of liquids or gases. There are various types that differ depending on their application, design and mode of activation.