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Ceramic gas nozzles made from silicon nitride are characterised by exceptionally long service lives. In certain applications, the ceramic actually prevents the adhesion of weld spatter. And in settings where the effect does not occur, the weld spatter is easily removed – in contrast to alternative copper nozzles. Once a copper nozzle has become blocked, it must be disposed of. If ceramic gas nozzles are used, we recommend contact-free cleaning stations. In this way, ceramic nozzles can be used for up to 15 weeks.

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Solutions - Gas nozzles


  • Maximum service lives

  • No plant downtimes

  • Contact-free cleaning

  • Ideally suited for heavily splattering applications (overhead welding, sheet thickness > 3 mm, high volume, difficult-to-weld sheets)

Compatible Materials

Silicon nitride

Silicon nitride is characterised by a range of properties that make it a very interesting choice for industrial applications.