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High-performance ceramics are characterised by special properties, especially with regard to heat resistance, mechanical strength and dimensional stability, corrosion resistance and electrical insulation. This makes these materials increasingly suitable for highly stressed components in machines, systems and devices.

Customer-specific, drawing-based ceramic components or assemblies are part of our everyday work. We work closely with our customers to meet all their requirements in order to deliver "tailor-made" solutions.

Possible assembly group variations: Ceramic-ceramic / ceramic-metal / ceramic-plastic.

Single piece production and prototypes are also easily manufactured in our production.

Across industries, we have a proven track record of reducing machine downtime in various production processes through application-oriented design of components as well as technical advice in the process - we develop and produce from prototypes to series production.


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Examples of customer-specific solutions:


Compatible Materials

CAD portal

Our components from high-performance ceramics can also be configured on-line. All product variants are stored in our CAD portal - you can make adjustments quickly and easily by entering the parameters for your welding process.

Complex 3D components for thermal insulation

The manner in which these insulation materials are implemented can be as varied as the requirements placed on them: from a simple intermediate layer all the way to complex 3D components with various material combinations that are produced on a 5-axis…

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