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In manufacturing and processing companies, components are picked and held in position in the different processing steps. Depending on the processes in question, many points may be subject to extreme conditions which necessitate the use of high-performance materials.

Overview of all applications

Applications - Picking

The challenges include:

  • High temperatures

  • Electrical insulation

  • Abrasion resistance

  • Non-magnetic/magnetisable

Sample Solutions


We produce a range of components and parts for glass manufacturing machines and glass blowing machines, such as bucks, cooling boards, stackers, transverse belts, grippers and levers.

Locating pin

During the manufacturing process for all types of products, there is a need to pick up and align parts or components. Since DOCERAM locating pins are ceramic parts made from Cerazur, they are wear-resistant, electrically insulating and do not suffer…

Headed dowels

Headed dowels are used to hold and determine the position of tools and fixtures. The advantage is that it enables punctiform placement of a workpiece. The punctiform support is easy to clean and excludes the possibility of contamination caused by…


In applications that use gripper technology, certain material properties are extremely important. The holding forces must be considered according to the dynamics of the application. This means that a defined surface must be created.

Positioning pin

Positioning pins are used for the controlled positioning to extremely fine tolerances of components and moulded sheet metal parts.

Goods carriers

Goods carriers are used to hold other products, such as circuit boards. In many cases, they must be electrically insulating, wear-resistant and designed to cope with thermal shock to enable smooth handling.

Workpiece holder/carrier

The exact positioning of components is particularly important for series production. Here, multiple components are frequently welded, bonded, riveted, soldered, etc. at high cycle rates to form assemblies.

Cylindrical pin

Ceramic cylindrical pins - also referred to as dowel pins - are extremely versatile and are used as stops, as bearing shafts for idler pulleys, as printed circuit board holders or for fixture construction in welding technology.

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