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EvoCera is an innovative material combining the properties of the latest high-performance ceramics with the ductility of steel.

The composition of EvoCera reveals very low scatter in terms of material strength (with a significantly higher Weibull modulus than conventional industrial ceramic). This allows the material to be designed and manufactured based on the FEM. Up until now, this was only typical for steel materials.

Construction elements made of EvoCera retain their uniquely high strength and dimensional stability even under continuous cyclical loads. Consequently, their innovative ductile properties also make them suitable for critical areas of applications. This makes it possible to design safety-relevant components in ceramic quality for the first time.

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Evolutionary advantages of EvoCera®:

  • Flexibility and plastic ductility
  • Non-magnetisable and electrically insulating
  • Outstanding strength and dimensional stability
  • Calculation and design in accordance with the FEM
  • High abrasion, corrosion and temperature resistance
  • Significantly lower strength distribution

The ceramic alternative: for special applications.

While conventional ceramic materials can break in the event of overloading, EvoCera is predictably ductile and malleable in accordance with the FEM calculation. This innovative plastic behaviour based on elastic elongation gives EvoCera an important reserve for safety-relevant components.

In addition, analyses show that components made from EvoCera have a significantly lower material strength distribution (Weibull modulus > 50) than conventional industrial ceramic, such as zirconium oxide (ZrO₂).

Material Unit EvoCera® Industrial ceramic
Density g/cm3 5.9 > 5.7

Flexural strength σ
(yield strength) 

MPa 400 500
Flexural strength σm MPa 600 500
Weibull modulus   50 15
Plastic deformation ε % 0.8 /
Evocera - Diagramme - EN

A: Scattering of measurements: EvoCera displays significantly lower scattering in terms of strength than conventional industrial ceramic (ZrO₂).

B: The slight flexure shows a slightly plastic behaviour due to the transformation-controlled failure behaviour (in contrast to conventional industrial ceramic).

Material Evocera - Man at computer

As strong as ceramic. As reliable as steel.

The plasticity and strength of EvoCera allow the simulation and design of components in accordance with the FEM, which was only possible up until now with other materials, such as steel or special plastics.

This means: when designing components and parts with EvoCera you can now take advantage of the unique advantages of industrial high-performance ceramic with EvoCera, even in safety-critical areas of application.

Requirement EvoCera® Industrial steel
Corrosion resistance ✔   ̶

Abrasion resistance

✔   ̶
Design based on the FEM ✔  ✔ 
Chemical resistance ✔   ̶
Hardness ✔   ̶
Thermal expansion = =
No electrical conductivity ✔   ̶
No magnetisability ✔   ̶
No thermal conductivity ✔   ̶
Ductility ✔  ✔ 

The evolution in high-performance ceramics

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Material comparison Evocera

Material Evocera - Employee at PC

Sample Solutions

Dosing components

The dosing systems used in the field of dosing technology are being continuously optimized and advanced.

Blank holders

Blank holders serve to hold components securely in position in the application. They are typically held against a surface/contour.