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doceram - Advanced Ceramic Solutions
Engineering and production of components made of high-performance ceramics

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DOCERAM - a company of the MOESCHTER Group.

DOCERAM focuses its developments on industrial ceramics with outstanding properties as an alternative to metal and specializes in high-performance ceramics, which are used in the automotive sector, among others. Low-wear components with service lives that significantly exceed conventional metallic materials serve to increase process reliability and minimize risks in production.

Today we are a leader in the automotive industry with our solutions for welding technology, among other things. We also have a strong position in the market for ceramic components for general mechanical engineering, sheet metal working, forming technology, the food industry and electrical engineering. DOCERAM products are innovative solutions based on a broad knowledge of the production and processing of industrial ceramic materials and are manufactured in Germany using state-of-the-art technology.



What defines us:

  • Made in Germany - medium-sized manufacturer of ceramic products from North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Production from quantity 1 - from prototyping up to series production 
  • In-house R&D department - works closely with you to realise the best possible solution for your needs
  • Application engineering specialised in mechanical engineering - reliable and efficient technical support for every case of application

Your challenges

The challenges in production processes of different industries are extremely complex. Our technicians and engineers specialise in recognising the nuances of each challenge and taking them into account in the solutions we offer. With modern production facilities, we are at our customers' side from application advice to series production.

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Your challenges

Difficulties in the production process

We reduce machine downtimes as well as maintenance costs through application-oriented design of components as well as technical advice in the production process.

Your applications

Increasingly sophisticated production techniques lead to rising quality demands for intermediate materials and end products. We have teams of technicians and engineers who are very familiar with the respective process technologies and applications in an industry.

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Application areas for products made of high-performance ceramics

When every minute in manufacturing has to be fought for, the question of components of higher quality and with a longer service life comes up.

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Our solutions

As an engineering specialist, manufacturer and partner, we supply and produce precision components based on high-performance ceramics and cross-material assemblies made of steel, ceramics and plastics. We have a proven track record of optimising machine downtimes in various production processes through application-oriented component design and technical advice.

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Overview of products and services

DOCERAM was founded with the goal of manufacturing user-friendly products from high-performance ceramics.

Our materials

Advanced ceramics, also known as technical ceramics, is a material that, in contrast to decorative ceramics, has been optimised for technical applications. It is characterised by special properties, especially with regard to heat resistance, mechanical strength and dimensional stability.

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Our materials

Overview of high-performance materials

The properties of an end product may well vary - even with the same starting material. Our core competence is to reliably master the manufacturing process of components and parts made of advanced ceramics in all phases.




New zirconium oxide ceramic material for DOCERAM

With our newly developed DOCERAM ZM-131, we are expanding our ceramic materials portfolio in the field of zirconium oxide.

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Honoured with the research seal of the Stifterverband

The MOESCHTER Group has been awarded with the research seal of the Stifterverband.

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ModulMaster Pro: welding device with intelligent sensor technology

The ModulMaster Pro from DOCERAM is setting standards in terms of quality, process reliability and efficiency. The new welding device in the configuration N for nut welding and s for stud welding is compatible with almost every projection-welding machine in the automotive industry and can be precisely adapted to the respective performance requirements thanks to its modular design. Integrated threaded holes on three sides are also used for easy mounting of e.g. sensors for component sensing, component supports and more.

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