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If pieces of sheet metal are welded to one another, they must be positioned exactly relative to each other, as even slight inaccuracies will impair the quality of a processed component. Ceramic positioning and fixing pins can withstand weld spatter, extremely high temperatures and high mechanical loads much better than conventional pins made from hardened steel – proven by the fact that the service life of ceramic positioning elements is 40 times longer.

As a result, positioning and fixing pins made from high-performance ceramics do not need to be replaced as frequently, plants can be operated with fewer interruptions while process and servicing costs are significantly lower.


Applications - Positioning

Positioning elements made from high-performance ceramics are used at various points in car manufacturing, including in car body construction.

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Sample Solutions

Locating pin

During the manufacturing process for all types of products, there is a need to pick up and align parts or components. Since DOCERAM locating pins are ceramic parts made from Cerazur, they are wear-resistant, electrically insulating and do not suffer…

Positioning pin

Positioning pins are used for the controlled positioning to extremely fine tolerances of components and moulded sheet metal parts.