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Soldering is a thermal process used to bring about the fused joining of materials and involves a liquid phase caused by the melting of solder. During the process, a surface alloy is created but the substrate material is not melted (welding = fused joining caused by melting the substrate materials).

Depending on the soldering method used (soft, hard or high-temperature soldering), temperatures in excess of 1,000 ┬░C may be reached.

Handling the workpieces requires materials that have high temperature resistance and will ideally prevent the solders from adhering to them.

Overview of all applications

Sample Solutions

Headed dowels

Headed dowels are used to hold and determine the position of tools and fixtures. The advantage is that it enables punctiform placement of a workpiece. The punctiform support is easy to clean and excludes the possibility of contamination caused by…

Locating pin

During the manufacturing process for all types of products, there is a need to pick up and align parts or components. Since DOCERAM locating pins are ceramic parts made from Cerazur, they are wear-resistant, electrically insulating and do not suffer…


Spacers are elements or components that hold parts in a defined position. They are used whenever a defined clearance must be created between two components or in situations where a distance must be bridged.

Positioning pin

Positioning pins are used for the controlled positioning to extremely fine tolerances of components and moulded sheet metal parts.