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We produce a range of components and parts for glass manufacturing machines and glass blowing machines, such as bucks, cooling boards, stackers, transverse belts, grippers and levers. The materials that are used must not remove any heat from the hot glass to minimise the risk of microcracks. Thermal stability and careful handling are additional decisive factors when it comes to avoiding cracks and deformation and ensuring consistently high product quality.

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Compatible Materials


The cosTherm product family offers a wide choice of modern materials for use in mould-making, toolmaking and press manufacture that cover the entire application spectrum. The field of press manufacturing in particular makes selective use of material…


DOGLAS describes a range of thermosetting, glass-fibre-reinforced plastics (GFRPs) that combine various resin systems (e.g. polyester, epoxide and others) with different laying patterns (glass fabric, roving fabrics and mats) to effortlessly overcome…


The DOTEX material is a thermosetting composite material based on phenolic resin. Reinforced with fabric made from cotton or paper, these composite systems offer a cost-effective solution to many requirements in industrial companies.


The DOTHERM product range includes materials that have proven themselves first and foremost in high-temperature applications. DOTHERM materials are characterised by low thermal conductivity and outstanding electrical insulating properties.


The operating temperatures of ELTIMID range from -250 °C all the way to 280 °C and even short-term peaks of 400 °C. Thanks to its high wear resistance, the material is suitable for oil-free applications and offers a long service life.

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