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Pumps are indispensable components of many industrial processes used in plant operations. The unexpected failure of bearings and the occurrence of leaks due to failed seals lead to downtimes, high outage costs and major safety risks - especially if aggressive media are processed.

Overview of all applications

Hermetic seals are used wherever an extremely reliable and electrically isolating joint is required. The components may be ceramic/metal seals. One example of this is a ceramic-metal system that is used in an experimental vacuum oven to investigate semiconductor materials. These types of seals function under high pressure, vacuums, and at high voltage and high temperatures. Engineering ceramics offer guaranteed wear resistance, temperature resistance and stability in these aggressive environments. The seals can also be used in a less challenging application areas in which insulation between two environments is required.

Additional application examples:

  • Pressurised and high-pressure applications

  • Thermal applications

  • Electrical applications

  • X-ray tubes and scanning electron microscope components