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Diversity Management

Organizational culture of MOESCHTER Group

The organizational culture of MOESCHTER Group focuses on the most diverse aspects of daily interaction.

Diversity management plays an important role in this.  At MOESCHTER Group, the social diversity of our employees is recognized and promoted: various internal factors such as age, sexual orientation, gender, education, ethnic origin, religion as well as education of our employees with individual backgrounds thus contribute to the company's success.
External factors such as leisure time and marital status are also always present in our company and are taken into account with openness. 

We are proud of the fact that the acquaintances made in the company extend beyond the daily work routine. We are happy to support these acquaintances beyond the weekly working hours and offer a wide range of activities. The focus is on team events and the annual summer party for employees and family members. 
The focus is on appreciation, fairness and respect for all employees.

Diversity Management

Together we want to create a creative, tolerant and productive atmosphere in which our employees can develop individually and grow beyond themselves. 

Diversity is anchored in our corporate strategy, and equal opportunities are a top priority for us.

Age structure at MOESCHTER Group

All age groups are represented in MOESCHTER Group: from school trainees and apprentices to employees about to retire, everyone is equally valued and treated with respect. The average age of all employees is around 40, which is how we identify ourselves as young and dynamic. 

Company founder Jürgen Möschter once considered it a great compliment when an employee asked him if his son could complete his training as a cutting machine operator here when he was ready. In the meantime, MOESCHTER Group has developed into a true "multi-generation employer": many more children have followed in their parents' footsteps and chosen a wide variety of professions at MOESCHTER Group.


Quantitative distribution of male and female employees in absolute numbers

Currently, the ratio of male employees is 75 %, the number of female employees is currently 25 %. The ratio is due to the fact that a large part of our employees are employed in production or production-related departments and we have predominantly male employees here.

Full- and part-time employees

The part-time rate (proportion of part-time employees) at MOESCHTER Group is currently just under 12 %. This also includes the employment of our working students.

Female employees in management positions

At MOESCHTER Group, in addition to the administrative areas, production-related departments are also managed by a woman. We asked them a few questions about their everyday working life, which can be read under the following link:

Female leaders



Cultural backgrounds

With around 155 employees, we are proud to have more than 11 different cultural groups represented.

Employees on parental leave

At MOESCHTER Group, female employees and male employees take advantage of parental leave in almost equal measure, although female employees have been on parental leave for a comparatively longer period of time.

Average length of service

The average length of service of all employees is approximately 8 years.