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Energy loss

During thermal processes, contact between hot surfaces transfers heat into the machine. Likewise, hot tools radiate the temperature.

It is important to minimise heat losses and the entry of heat into the machine. This process has a decisive impact on the efficiency and energy consumption of the plants.

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Sample Solutions


The term “EuroGripper” refers, for example, to a mounting for welding tongs for spot welding, which is frequently used for car body construction. A comprehensive standard was developed for this type of machine.

Slide rails

If metallic materials are used for guides or rails, wear due to friction is unavoidable. Slide rails made of DOTHERM materials offer the benefits of excellent friction and sliding properties, high wear resistance and thermal stability.

High-voltage insulation

What sets these types of insulators apart is the combination of different requirements that simultaneously apply to their implementation.

Screw head insulation

During the process of pinning and screwing components, electrical insulation must frequently be guaranteed. Ceramic cylindrical pins ensure a positive connection while a steel screw provides for the positional connection - the interlocking connection…

Non-material-specific insulation solutions

In many industrial applications, it makes sense to use multi-layered materials or material combinations.

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