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What sets these types of insulators apart is the combination of different requirements that simultaneously apply to their implementation. For instance, they may also have to cope with high mechanical loads and the entire system may be subjected to significantly higher temperatures. The insulating materials can be tailored to these types of influencing variables so that they withstand all challenges.

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Compatible Materials


The DOTEX material is a thermosetting composite material based on phenolic resin. Reinforced with fabric made from cotton or paper, these composite systems offer a cost-effective solution to many requirements in industrial companies.


DOGLAS describes a range of thermosetting, glass-fibre-reinforced plastics (GFRPs) that combine various resin systems (e.g. polyester, epoxide and others) with different laying patterns (glass fabric, roving fabrics and mats) to effortlessly overcome…


The DOTHERM product range includes materials that have proven themselves first and foremost in high-temperature applications. DOTHERM materials are characterised by low thermal conductivity and outstanding electrical insulating properties.