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High-performance ceramics, also referred to as industrial or engineering ceramics, are non-metallic materials based on ceramic powder that are produced by a process of sintering and optimised for technical applications. Their superior properties such as hardness, wear resistance, temperature resistance, impact resistance, abrasion resistance and anti-adhesion help make the processes and sequences of machines and plants safer and more quality-focussed. Components made from high-performance ceramics are also increasingly replacing conventional materials such as metal.

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Sample Solutions

Threaded bars made of GFRP material

Threaded bars made from glass-fibre reinforced plastics are suitable for a wide range of applications. The threaded bars are used to insulate threaded connections.

Nuts made of GFRP material

Our nuts made from glass-fibre-strengthened plastics are available as square or hexagonal nuts.

Screw head insulation

During the process of pinning and screwing components, electrical insulation must frequently be guaranteed. Ceramic cylindrical pins ensure a positive connection while a steel screw provides for the positional connection - the interlocking connection…

Bobbin cores

Bobbin cores are usually round parts with a large groove into which a copper coil is wound. This coil induces a magnetic field in the centre of the coil.

Valve needle/seat

The function of valves is to control or block the flow of liquids or gases. There are various types that differ depending on their application, design and mode of activation.

Cylindrical pin

Ceramic cylindrical pins - also referred to as dowel pins - are extremely versatile and are used as stops, as bearing shafts for idler pulleys, as printed circuit board holders or for fixture construction in welding technology.

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