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EvoCera Whitepaper — The new high-performance ceramics with ductile deformability

Construction elements made of EvoCera retain their uniquely high strength and dimensional stability even under continuous cyclical loads. Consequently, their innovative ductile properties also make them suitable for critical areas of applications. This makes it possible to design safety-relevant components in ceramic quality for the first time.

EvoCera is far superior to typical metal and plastic materials in terms of strength as well as abrasion, corrosion and temperature resistance.
In addition, EvoCera has non-magnetic, non-magnetisable and high electrically insulating properties.

The plasticity and strength of EvoCera allow the simulation and design of components in accordance with the FEM, which was only possible up until now with other materials, such as steel or special plastics.

This means: when designing components and parts, you can now take advantage of the unique advantages of industrial high-performance ceramic with EvoCera, even in safety-critical areas of application.

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