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Rubber and plastic processing

The modern industrial mass production of films, tubes, housing parts for televisions, vehicle components, tyres and countless other items made from rubber and plastic makes use of primary forming and/or forming processes in heated form tools and presses.

The higher the tool or press temperature, the more it makes sense to apply thermal protection measures. This generally applies to the processing of high-performance thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics and elastomers as well as to die-casting and forming tools.

Overview of all industries

Choosing the right insulating materials has a decisive influence on the quality of the products created, the safety of the processes as well as on the service life and energy consumption of the production plants.

Applications in the area of rubber and plastic processing are generally relatively simple 2D components made from standard materials. However, multi-colour and multi-component processing in thermoplastic injection moulding processes always require finer tolerances in terms of thickness, consistent thickness and parallelism. For press insulators, a flexible compensation inlay is often requested in addition to the insulation boards.

Sample Solutions

Insulating components for plastic welding technology

A plastic welding process generates heat that must be insulated. The following applies: The shorter the cycle times, the greater the amount of energy that needs to be introduced into the joining zone.

Latest Applications


The dosing systems used in the field of dosing technology are being continuously optimized and advanced. Their function is to guarantee on-demand or continuous delivery, dosing, application, non-traditional machining or removal of materials.

Thermal insulation

Insulation is used wherever the manufacturing process requires or generates process heat.