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Reducing servicing costs

In addition to the manufacturing process of a company, servicing has a major influence on production reliability and therefore on the costs of the end products.

Intelligent servicing using high-quality products that enable long service lives brings about a lasting reduction in servicing costs and therefore product costs.

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Costs are reduced by the following:

  • lower personnel costs (personnel is deployed less frequently or no major personnel costs if external personnel are required)

  • shorter downtimes (high product quality enables longer running times)

Sample Solutions

Positioning pin

Positioning pins are used for the controlled positioning to extremely fine tolerances of components and moulded sheet metal parts.

Forming rollers

Forming processes place very high demands on the wear resistance and stability of the tools and mountings used. High surface qualities are required.

Thermal image analysis

Thermal image analysis makes it possible to determine the precise thermal requirements of the application and to tailor the material concept precisely to them.

Heat insulation board

DOTHERM and ISOCOS offer heat protection plates that are precisely adapted to the respective process requirements in terms of material, compression strength, temperature resistance and dimensional stability.