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Induction: metal-free handling and positioning

In industrial manufacturing processes, conventional furnace processes are increasingly being replaced by inductive heating. This is a process whereby electrically conductive materials are heated with the help of eddy-current losses generated within the material.

In this case, it is important to ensure that mating parts, guides, etc. in the vicinity of the induction field are not also inductively heated.

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Sample Solutions

Coated components

Components with a wide variety of coatings are characterised by different properties depending on the type and material of the coating. Many coatings are used to achieve an extended service life as well as improved chemical resistance of the…

Test plugs

Test plugs are assemblies made from different high-performance materials. They are used as standard for reliable 100% testing of vehicle electronics by leading manufacturers in the automotive industry.

Cutting disks

All-ceramic cutting disks have carved out a well-earned reputation in series production facilities over many years.

Non-material-specific insulation solutions

In many industrial applications, it makes sense to use multi-layered materials or material combinations.

Heat insulation board

DOTHERM and ISOCOS offer heat protection plates that are precisely adapted to the respective process requirements in terms of material, compression strength, temperature resistance and dimensional stability.

Centring pin

Centring pins are manufactured entirely from ceramic and are used for centring nuts on metal sheets.

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