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In general mechanical and plant engineering, the exceptional physical and chemical properties of our ceramics expand the range of possible applications, for example, for forming and test technology. Exceptionally precise sequences and processes, service lives that are many multiples longer and adherence to most stringent dimensional tolerances are the result.

Overview of all applications

Due to ever-higher quality expectations, technical testing processes are increasingly conducted within production plants. Today, many industries carry out 100-percent testing as a matter of course.

DOCERAM develops and manufactures the components that are subjected to high mechanical and electrical loads during these processes, such as test plugs, test adapters or contacting plugs, using parts made from high-performance ceramics offering stability and wear resistance that is unsurpassed by any other material.

Our ceramic test plugs are used primarily for functional testing and, if necessary, programming purposes. A swash circumference test, for example, is used to verify an electrical component’s ability to be plugged in.

The swash circumference describes how far the contact pins are permitted to deviate from the target position in the X and Y direction. Its size is specified as a diameter. If the pins deviate from it, they are pressed against the very hard but fracture-resistant ceramic test plug during the test process and the drive system stops. Reject products are easily detected in this way.

Sample Solutions

Test plugs

Test plugs are assemblies made from different high-performance materials. They are used as standard for reliable 100% testing of vehicle electronics by leading manufacturers in the automotive industry.