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The values of the MOESCHTER Group

We shape change together with courage. Enthusiasm drives us to act quickly, in a solution-oriented manner and with commitment.

Appreciation, responsibility, team spirit, courage and trust - together we shape our future on the basis of these five values.

Whether colleagues, customers or suppliers: We value other cultures and treat them courteously and with respect in every situation and every type of task.

We have a responsibility towards our customers, suppliers and our employees, but not least towards our environment. While the social level is constantly promoted and expanded, we internally develop environmentally-relevant concepts, such as on the subject of Ecoprofit, and conduct research into sustainable materials.

As team players, we stand loyally by and for each other, share relevant information and address problems openly and honestly. This is because team spirit enables us to work effectively and make sensible decisions.

We have a strong interest in ensuring that both our customers and we get where we want to go quickly, cleanly and cost-effectively. Curiosity and the courage to make changes are the driving force here for discovering new things, developing materials and products further and optimizing processes - this leads to innovative solutions for our customers, but also for us.

Our cooperation is based on trust, which is why we give every employee the opportunity to make independent decisions in his or her area of responsibility and to participate responsibly in business processes.