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Gripper fingers have component-specific contours at their ends that enable them to pick up, grip, transport or guide components. They are used primarily in electronics manufacturing.

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These grippers must cope with very high cycle rates and are therefore subject to high levels of wear.

The gripper components are used in all conceivable environments. Most importantly, they must be temperature-stable, frequency-neutral, magnetically neutral as well as electrically insulating. This inductively neutral, wear-resistant, solder-repellent and chemically inert material fulfils all necessary conditions for fault-free handling as well as ensuring technical cleanliness and a long service life.

The gripper device consists of a combination of high-performance materials: Engineering ceramics and glass-fibre-strengthened plastics. Steel/ceramic gripper elements and grippers for small parts are made from metal with incorporated ceramic parallel keys or ceramic cylindrical pins. Gripper fingers are made using Cerazur high-performance ceramics.