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We produce a range of components and parts for glass manufacturing machines and glass blowing machines, such as bucks, cooling boards, stackers, transverse belts, grippers and levers. The materials that are used must not remove any heat from the hot glass to minimise the risk of microcracks. Thermal stability and careful handling are additional decisive factors when it comes to avoiding cracks and deformation and ensuring consistently high product quality.

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Examples of customer-specific solutions:


Compatible Materials

Solutions - CAD portal

CAD portal

Our components from high-performance ceramics can also be configured on-line. All product variants are stored in our CAD portal - you can make adjustments quickly and easily by entering the parameters for your welding process.

Solutions - Complex 3D-components

Complex 3D components for thermal insulation

The manner in which these insulation materials are implemented can be as varied as the requirements placed on them: from a simple intermediate layer all the way to complex 3D components with various material combinations that are produced on a 5-axis…

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