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For heated presses, our PRESSTHERM material offers a bespoke solution especially for the wood industry and for rubber production.

To meet the high requirements such as temperature stability, chemical resistance, low thermal conductivity and electrical insulation in the demanding production settings, we developed the PRESSTHERM material, which has been reliably in use for decades.

Aspects such as fire protection, manufacturing costs and low setting behaviour were also considered during the development process.

Long service lives guarantee 24/7 production at constant high temperatures and enormous pressure – the toughest requirements placed on the materials used.


  • High temperature pressure resistance
  • Low heat conductivity
  • Chemical resistance

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Insulating materials for heated presses

PRESSTHERM material properties

 Application temperature
Compressive strength under
increased temperature
Setting behaviour
 PermanentShort term at °C at 30 N/mm2at 70 N/mm2
PRESSTHERM® WD 20200210at 200°C: 2605000.21at 200°C: 1.0-
PRESSTHERM® WD 23220230at 220°C: 4506000.3-at 220°C: 0.6
PRESSTHERM® WD 23-1230250at 230°C: 3204250.23at 230°C: 0.3at 230°C: 0.5
PRESSTHERM® WD 25250260at 250°C: 3504000.23-at 250°C: 0.6
PRESSTHERM® WD 25-1250260at 250°C: 3404800.23-at 250°C: 1.0
PRESSTHERM® WD 26260300at 250°C: 2001200.22-at 260°C: 0.7
PRESSTHERM® WD 28280300at 250°C: 3502500.31-at 280°C: 1.6
PRESSTHERM® WD 200200220at 200°C: 190-0.24at 200°C: 2.0-
PRESSTHERM® WD 280280300at 250°C: 130-0.28at 280°C: 1.2-
PRESSTHERM® PD400400--0.21--
PRESSTHERM® GL500600at 200°C: 2502000.26at 260°C: 3.5-
PRESSTHERM® AG200240--0.13--

The values listed were determined on standard test specimens. The material properties may deviate from these values depending on the applications and component geometry. Please contact us for precise clarification of the material suitability. Other technical data on request. Subject to technical modifications and errors. 2014 edition.

Sample Solutions

Solutions - Heat insulation board

Heat insulation board

DOTHERM and ISOCOS offer heat protection plates that are precisely adapted to the respective process requirements in terms of material, compression strength, temperature resistance and dimensional stability.