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For mould-making and toolmaking, DOTHERM has designed and successfully launched a dedicated material group: FRATHERNIT.

External insulation made from FRATHERNIT is used to save energy by preventing heat dissipation from heated tools. It lowers the energy consumption and also stabilises the manufacturing process.

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Material - Frathernit

With the FRATHERNIT AN and FRATHERNIT DN variants, we offer materials that are capable of meeting the typical requirements of industry in their respective applications:

  • High thermal compressive strength

  • High temperature stability

  • Very low heat conductivity

  • Chemical resistance

For other applications, there are special solutions offering a range of properties that are indispensable in specific applications.

Insulation materials for toolmaking and mould-making

FRATHERNIT material properties

 Application temperature
Thermal conductivity
Compressive strength
Flexural strength
Thermal expansion coefficient
 PermanentShort term at 23°Cat 200°Cat 250°Cat 23°C 
FRATHERNIT® DN2002100.18330120_14018
FRATHERNIT® AN2002100.19600350-38013
FRATHERNIT® 40002002300.13300100-20020
FRATHERNIT® AE32502600.21570-36042519
FRATHERNIT® AE42503000.2362539034043019
FRATHERNIT® AS2702800.2540026020012016
FRATHERNIT® 2000 B2002100.12300110-13018
FRATHERNIT® SG5006000.26400-25020010

The values listed were determined on standard test specimens. The material properties may deviate from these values depending on the applications and component geometry. Please contact us for precise clarification of the material suitability. Other technical data on request. Subject to technical modifications and errors. 2014 edition.

Sample Solutions

Solutions - Heat insulation board

Heat insulation board

DOTHERM and ISOCOS offer heat protection plates that are precisely adapted to the respective process requirements in terms of material, compression strength, temperature resistance and dimensional stability.