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The DOTHERM product range includes materials that have proven themselves first and foremost in high-temperature applications. DOTHERM materials are characterised by low thermal conductivity and outstanding electrical insulating properties.

The use of silicates and silicone resins as carrier systems makes it possible to work in temperature ranges up to 1,100 °C, to manage and protect processes in which other materials can no longer be used.

For area of IR plastic welding, we provide special solutions that are designed to meet the requirements of these types of plants.

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Properties of DOTHERM high-temperature materials

thermal expansion
(10-6 1/K)
Creepage current


PermanentShort termat 23°Cat 23°C
DOTHERM® 700700700120320.3768.7-> 370
DOTHERM® 10001000100035180.506.414.1CTI 600> 420
DOTHERM® 1100110011001670.17---
DOTHERM® 600 M6006004002300.261075CTI 500> 420
DOTHERM® 800 M8008003301700.261075CTI 525> 420
DOTEC® 2002002203301000.313---
DOTEC® 280280300150300.2820---
DOTEC® 35035040038200.124020--
DOTEC® 500 M500500310850.871186.1CTI 600> 245
DOTEC® 600600600220761.321049.5CTI 600> 345
DOTEC® 800870870276931.021556.7CTI 600> 300
DOTEC® 1000 S1000100070400.695.68.4-> 600
DOFLEX® MSP7001000--0.2-60--
DOFLEX® CM 3010001100--0.1-69--

The values listed were determined on standard test specimens. The material properties may deviate from these values depending on the applications and component geometry. Please contact us for precise clarification of the material suitability. Other technical data on request. Subject to technical modifications and errors. 2014 edition.

Sample Solutions

Solutions - Bucks


We produce a range of components and parts for glass manufacturing machines and glass blowing machines, such as bucks, cooling boards, stackers, transverse belts, grippers and levers.

Solutions - Gripper fingers

Gripper fingers

Gripper fingers have component-specific contours at their ends that enable them to pick up, grip, transport or guide components. They are used primarily in electronics manufacturing.

Solutions - High-voltage insulation

High-voltage insulation

What sets these types of insulators apart is the combination of different requirements that simultaneously apply to their implementation.

Solutions - Insulating part - Plastic Welding

Insulating components for plastic welding technology

A plastic welding process generates heat that must be insulated. The following applies: The shorter the cycle times, the greater the amount of energy that needs to be introduced into the joining zone.

Solutions - Complex 3D-components

Complex 3D components for thermal insulation

The manner in which these insulation materials are implemented can be as varied as the requirements placed on them: from a simple intermediate layer all the way to complex 3D components with various material combinations that are produced on a 5-axis…

Solutions - Blank holders

Blank holders

Blank holders serve to hold components securely in position in the application. They are typically held against a surface/contour.

Solutions - Screw head insulation

Screw head insulation

During the process of pinning and screwing components, electrical insulation must frequently be guaranteed. Ceramic cylindrical pins ensure a positive connection while a steel screw provides for the positional connection - the interlocking connection…

Solutions - Heat insulation board

Heat insulation board

DOTHERM and ISOCOS offer heat protection plates that are precisely adapted to the respective process requirements in terms of material, compression strength, temperature resistance and dimensional stability.

Solutions - Non-material-specific insulation solution

Non-material-specific insulation solutions

In many industrial applications, it makes sense to use multi-layered materials or material combinations.

Solutions - Goods carriers

Goods carriers

Goods carriers are used to hold other products, such as circuit boards. In many cases, they must be electrically insulating, wear-resistant and designed to cope with thermal shock to enable smooth handling.

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