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The cosTherm product family offers a wide choice of modern materials for use in mould-making, toolmaking and press manufacture that cover the entire application spectrum. The field of press manufacturing in particular makes selective use of material combinations in multi-layered designs to guarantee optimum temperature management.

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Material - CosTherm

The diverse cosTherm product spectrum, consisting of thermosetting, mica and calcium silicate materials offers custom solutions that cater for:

  • High temperature stability

  • Very low thermal conductivity

  • High load changes

For additional applications, there are special solutions such as moulded mechanical engineering parts or coatings to reduce the chemical exposure of the components.

cosTherm® material properties

Product nameOperating temperatureCompressive strength at 23°C
cosTherm® 4000200° C320 N/mm²
cosTherm® 4000 HD200° C500 N/mm²
cosTherm® 400 plus230° C450 N/mm²
cosTherm® 1600210° C600 N/mm²
cosTherm® E.210210° C600 N/mm²
cosTherm® E.230230° C650 N/mm²
cosTherm® E.230 HD250° C750 N/mm²
cosTherm® P.250250° C650 N/mm²
cosTherm® S.280280° C450 N/mm²
cosTherm® G.500500° C400 N/mm²
cosTherm® G.700700° C340 N/mm²
cosTherm® FH.400400° C9 N/mm²
cosTherm® FT.750230° C460 N/mm²
cosTherm® 4000A200° C100 N/mm²
cosTherm® A270° C10 N/mm²
cosTherm® AE - Compensation inlay210° C-
cosTherm® SL.20210° C250 N/mm²
cosTherm® SL.70280° C15 N/mm²