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Electronics industry

Tools and components for manufacturing technology in the electrical industry and mechatronics must face up to two significant challenges: High cycle rates and sensitive components that are complex to process.

Electrical and electromagnetic neutrality of the materials used is another challenge that must be overcome before they can be used at high-frequency, low-frequency and induction applications. The only alternative material in these settings is plastic although it is not remotely as wear-resistant as ceramic.

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Sample Solutions

Headed dowels

Headed dowels are used to hold and determine the position of tools and fixtures. The advantage is that it enables punctiform placement of a workpiece. The punctiform support is easy to clean and excludes the possibility of contamination caused by…

Locating pin

During the manufacturing process for all types of products, there is a need to pick up and align parts or components. Since DOCERAM locating pins are ceramic parts made from Cerazur, they are wear-resistant, electrically insulating and do not suffer…

Gripper fingers

Gripper fingers have component-specific contours at their ends that enable them to pick up, grip, transport or guide components. They are used primarily in electronics manufacturing.

Vacuum-tight components

Many technical processes such as semiconductor fabrication, medical technology or material testing are conducted in a vacuum.

Goods carriers

Goods carriers are used to hold other products, such as circuit boards. In many cases, they must be electrically insulating, wear-resistant and designed to cope with thermal shock to enable smooth handling.

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Latest Applications

Electrical insulation

Virtually all machines and plants contain electrical switching circuits that are used for movement, positioning or operation. To ensure that the currents and voltages do not result in flashovers or pose a danger to persons in the vicinity, electrical…