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Irrespective of the industry in which you operate - whether you require an initial or a retrofit installation - the MOESCHTER Group has the know-how, experience and product portfolio to develop a solution together with you.

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With our know-how and diverse product portfolio, we supply a broad cross-section of sectors.

Our teams of technicians and engineers at the MOESCHTER Group work in continuous dialogue with their customers. In this way, we gain the necessary industry knowledge to enable us to create practical and well-engineered products. This approach often leads to solutions that had never been considered before. This means that our know-how in materials engineering enables us to handle tasks that go beyond standard day-to-day operations. In principle, we can serve a whole range of manufacturing and process engineering sectors when it comes to enquiries and development orders.

With our cross-sectoral know-how combined with the wealth of expertise in engineering plastics and high-performance ceramics of our subsidiaries DOTHERM, DOCERAM and ISOCOS, we develop system solutions that not only meet the industry requirements of today, but also aim to comply with the standards of tomorrow.

Industries -  Automotive

Automotive OEM + Tier X

The abbreviation “OEM” or “Original Equipment Manufacturer” is used in strategic supplier management in the automotive industry and describes the manufacturers at the top of the supplier pyramid.

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Industries -  Glass industry

Glass industry

In the glass industry, it is important not only to eliminate residues both on and in the end product but also to prevent tension so as to reduce rejects and waste.

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Industries -  Mechanical and plant engineering

General mechanical and plant engineering

Mechanical and plant engineering companies typically place very different requirements on their suppliers. Manufacturing depth, standards, special solutions for machines with varied areas of application present challenges in all production processes.

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Industries - Medical technology

Medical technology

In medical technology, stainless steel and special plastics are frequently used to manufacture components in medical products. The materials must be highly resistant to cleaning agents due to the high levels of cleanliness required in the process - contaminants or interactions must be prevented at all costs.

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Industries -  Electrical industry

Test technology

Due to ever-higher quality expectations, technical testing processes are increasingly conducted within production plants. Today, many industries carry out 100-percent testing as a matter of course.

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Industries -  Environmental technology

Environmental technology

In the area of energy generation using wind and hydroelectric plants, photovoltaic and solar thermal systems, the materials used must be capable of withstanding high temperatures, temperature fluctuations as well as extreme mechanical loads.

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Industries -  Chemical industry

Chemical industry

Components made from high-performance ceramics have the advantage of being both chemically inert as well as possessing the necessary resistance to acids, lyes and abrasive substances. This excludes the possibility that the production process or the end result of a chemical reaction is impaired by undesired side effects.

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Industries -  Electrical industry

Electronics industry

Tools and components for manufacturing technology in the electrical industry and mechatronics must face up to two significant challenges: high cycle rates and components that are difficult to process.

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Rubber and plastic processing

The modern industrial mass production of films, tubes, housing parts for televisions, vehicle components, tyres and countless other items made from rubber and plastic makes use of primary forming and/or forming processes in heated form tools and presses.

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Industries -  Timber products industry

Wood-based materials industry

During the production of wood particle boards, wood is broken down into chips or fibres, cleaned, dried and then mixed with a binding agent. The glued chips, strands or fibres are spread into mats of a corresponding structure and then pre-compacted. Heat and pressure are then applied to the mats as they are compressed into boards in the main press.

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Industries -  Glass industry

Food processing

Hygiene is of utmost importance in the food industry. Materials employed here must be safe for all foods, resistant to acids, lyes, hot vapours and be easy to clean.

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Industries -  Metals industry

Metal processing

Materials used in the field of metal processing must meet very strict requirements regarding their thermal and electrical properties.

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Industries -  Paper industry

Paper industry

Paper is a very abrasive material that quickly wears down traditional metal cutters, for example, when it is processed in large quantities. For this reason, paper manufacturers are increasingly turning to high-performance ceramics.

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Industries -  Pump industry

Pump industry

Corrosion resistance, resistance to aggressive media, resistance to pressure and wear: These properties are essential in the pump industry.

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Industries - Fixture construction

Fixture construction

In fixture construction, there are sequences that need to be reproduced exactly in high volumes to ensure that the processed parts are of consistent quality. The manufacturing process for fixtures frequently proves itself to be complex and cost-intensive.

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Industries -  Toolmaking

Toolmaking and mould-making

Precision in execution is what counts in mould-making and toolmaking. Especially in plants that run at very high cycle rates and where tools are repeatedly subjected to very high loads, the insulation must have precisely defined material characteristics regarding compressive strength, temperature resistance and dimensional stability.

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Our materials

The MOESCHTER Group was founded as a technology company dedicated to manufacturing user-friendly products from high-performance materials. More than two decades later, it has developed a material portfolio that covers a wide range of requirements for diverse industrial application areas.


Our solutions

We demonstrably reduce machine downtimes across a range of production processes through practical component design and by providing technical advice during the process.