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Adhesion / Weld deposits

When metallic materials are welded together, glowing matter known as weld spatter frequently flies around during the welding process. If this matter then lands and cools on equipment components or the production parts themselves, it generally adheres to them.

For equipment components, this can eventually mean that the components can no longer be accurately inserted and positioned. As a consequence, rejects are produced, or the plant must be stopped and cleaned or repaired.

As a general rule, this weld spatter is much less able to adhere to ceramic materials than on metallic materials. This leads to reduced adhesion.

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Adhesive wear

If components in contact with one another are pressed firmly together under high surface pressure, the contact areas will adhere to one another due to adhesion (or adhering force). When the components slide, small particles of the surface layer are then sheared off.

This is a recurring problem particularly during the machining of aluminium components. If too much additional material has accumulated on the positioning pin, it is no longer possible to position the components.

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